Prinz Charming | Alex Prinz Plays With His Paintbrush

Alex Prinz

Oo la la…the very hunky and very delectable Alex Prinz (Wow! What a name) is featured, in various states of messy undress, on the cover of the new issue of DNA magazine. This man is the definition of sexy, and this shoot, which uses and plays with paint in a very sublte way to subsitute for another certain substance, is just so amazingly yummy, its delicious. Erotic Provocation and blatant raunch aside,  I’m really diggin his feather light hair, the lean, toned, and statue-esk body, and especially those dreamy “boyfriend” eyes. Swoon! Fawn! I can’t help it, Prinz looks just like an angel, a very sexy angel.

He just stimulates my heart, it must be love,

This is usually the part where my Bitchy BFF B  steps in and tells me “You Corny ass!” Anyways, my uber romanticism not withstanding, this is probably the raunchiest post yet… You be the judge, then Confess.

Check out the rest of the even raunchier and sexier photos of Alex, undressed, getting plastered and spilling his paint under the cut

Don’t forget to clean up,

Alex PrinzAlex PrinzAlex Prinz Alex PrinzAlex PrinzAlex Prinz

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