Tour De Fierce | Beyonce’s Tour Outfits


What in the name of Grace Jones is this? I swear Beyonce this time around is just out of control with her “I’m so different” swag. The self proclaimed Number One Diva in the Game herself, recruited acclaimed Avant Garde designer, Thierry Mugler, whose famous for his wide and padded shoulders, to dress her for her “I Am..” Tour. While I love the sparkly Mugler designed Corset/Unitard number, I just know she’s going to kill it in that, the rest are just plain…what’s the word I’m looking for “out there”.

First and foremost, there’s barely any difference in these three, other than the colors and the hair. While, the severe pulled back and pony tail is no surprise. what on earth is her hair supposed to be in the third one? a haystack? a loofah? a rice crispy? Whatever it is, I’m curious as hell as to how she’s going to be rocking this specific look. Regardless, Keep working your thang diva and while I don’t know how fly she’s going to be in these, will you be a passenger in this plane? Confess.

You must not know about me,


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