Memiors Of A Bad Boy: Men’s Leggings

Jonathan HeafA girl friend of mine, wore these amazing  Liquid Leather Leggings(I love saying that) from American Apparel, a couple of days ago. Being a huge fan of Liquid Leather Leggings(on girls), I immediately gave her a much deserved compliment on it. I told her she looked amazing in it, and she of course was enthusiastically thankfull. I continued to tell her it takes a certain amount of bravado to wear Liquid Leather Leggings, because not every one does or can pull it off.  

She said:

Thanks, I wasn’t really sure if I should wear leather[jacket] and leather[leggings] together

but I told her, that she rocked it really well. Anyways at one point in our conversation, while I was telling her about my love for Liquid Leather Leggings she told me:

You should get one!


 Now I’m not the toughest tool in the shed, but me in leggings? especially liquid leather leggings? Not. Going. To. Happen.  Not to me, I ain’t no Diva. Now I have no problems with male Diva’s,  shout out to “S” & “S”  but  I swiftly told her

It’s just not ‘Me’


Then today I saw this article on The Guardian, about the prevalence of men in leggings,  by the very  handsome Jonathan Heaf(on the right), who actually donned a sparkly Maison Martin Margiela, designed leggings or according to him “Meggings.” Granted the very handsome Jonathan Heaf  pulled it off, at this day and age, I don’t know how many men, gay or straight,  can and still maintain their sexy and  masculinity. Recap, we’ve already got men rocking skirts?(Marc Jacobs), blouses(Christian Dior),  purses, theres even men’s bras, next thing you know  men’s clothes are no longer. Male Divas notwithstanding, I couldn’t help but wonder…When it comes to the feminization men’s fashion, have we gone to far?

Over the edge,


One thought on “Memiors Of A Bad Boy: Men’s Leggings

  1. lol, liquid leather leggings does have a nice sound to it! and yeah, i would NEVER wear leggings.. that’s just too much, for me anyway.

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