Eye Candy | Must Be Love…With Gabe Johansen

Gabe Johansen

There has been way to much about shit involving fashion & celebrities up in here, it’s sickening. I’ve almost forgotten about the important stuff.  

Which is why when I saw these photos of model Gabe Johansen, Whoo, Lawd!! I just knew that I just had to post them. How couldn’t I? First of all, I’m a huge sucker for guys in hats, it’s so damn sexy and Second of all, this man right here is Fine as can be. If you don’t think so..well you can take a hike. Girl, Bye!  Anyways, Look at that “I’m a good boy but I could be bad face” its so adorable. Swoon!

Those arms? He looks like he can manhandle the fuck out of little ol’e me, and  my goodness look at those washboard abs.

 I’m feeling like doing some laundry right now or something. Oh, I got some dirty laundry for him alright. The Cowboy hat? I can just picture us now. We can Roleplay. He can be “The Cow” and I’ll be the Virginal He-Milkmaid, and as a Milkmaid I finna do my thang.


Got Milk,


Gabe JohansenGabe Johansen

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