Spotted! | Whitney Needs To Buckle Rob Down

Robert Buckley & Whitney Port

Spotted! Whitney Port, who played “Whitney” on The Hills and currently stars as  “Whitney” in The City, canoodling with Grade A Beef, the super sexy,  Robert Buckley, who was on that Sex & The City ripoff Lipstick Jungle.  [PopSugar]

Cute “coupling” and I’m glad she dumped that swashbuckler / hippie / hipster / whatever “boyfriend” of hers, whats his face, but I have no idea why she still has her clothes on?? All I’m saying is, when I’m in such a close proximity with a hot guy, my clothes just starts falling off for some reason , and my body leads me straight to a bed, couch, table, bench, or if there ain’t none available, the floor…preferably carpet.  Now I’m not some man whore or anything, I’m just saying it like it is. If  I was flirting and canoodling with Rob.  I’ma need to find the hostess, tell her “Thanks for the invite, later hoe!,”  head for the door, bounce right out of that joint and head straight to the bedroom. Now,  If somebody just  happens to be in the way during this stampede, I’m sorry, but I hope they got insurance. Anyways, check out some photos of Rob if you aren’t familiar with his body of work. Wouldn’t you take it off for Robert? Confess.

In a state of undress,


Robert BuckleyRobert BuckleyRobert Buckley

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