L to Nicole Richie: Girl, That Better Be A Wig…

Nicole Richie

What in Lady Gaga hell is going on in these photos?? Why does reformed bad girl Nicole Richie, look like the love child of 2 trannies Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera & Gwen Stefani circa Sweet Escape. I just don’t know about this Blackbook editorial. She looks so..off, with that bleach blonde hair. Not a good look on her at all. The wardrobe styling is so heinous. 

The Louis Vuitton tights…ick. I never ever liked them in hot pink in the first place, and I hate it even more in bright yellow. The plastic raincoat get up, Hot. Tacky. Mess. Who ever was the crazy bitch who put these together needs to sat her ass down for a minute and just look at what she concocted together. Whoo…lord, Shaking my head with a side of side eye. Anyways, Nicole Richie on the other hand, while she’s not as “fun” as she used to be ever since she got all “Young Mom” on everybody,  keep working your thang Diva.

Not Hot,


Nicole RichieNicole RichieNicole RichieNicole Richie

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