Covers | In Bed & Fooling Around With The Cast Of Gossip Girl

Gossip GirlThe sexy and beautiful cast of Gossip Girl is on the cover of the latest Issue of Rolling Stone, it’s sexually suggestive and I love it. After about a month of haitus, the cast of the ever so trashy and classy show is back on the promotional bandwagon to promote the second half of the at times scandalous, at times boring sophomore season. [Rolling Stone]

From Rolling Stone:

Despite barely scraping together 3 million viewers a week, the show has become the most talked-about, culturally relevant series on television. “It’s not a conventional TV hit in terms of viewership. Its numbers are low and it loses to stuff like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, a far more wholesome show that runs on cable,” Gay says. “But in terms of having a ‘moment,’ however you want to define it, GG definitely is having one. It will be very interesting to see if the show grows, or remains a clubby, small hit. Teen shows seldom have long runs — and I don’t get the feeling this will turn into ER. But it seems to be here to stay as long as the principals involved want to keep doing it.”

Gossip Girl

Writer, Jason Gay on “Gossip Girl’s” popularity:

Part of the show’s appeal is its authenticity. “The show is sharp and connected to modern life, references, music and so on. Gossip Girl doesn’t feel like something that got drummed up in some network focus group by 55-year-old white dudes,” Gay explains. “No one’s going to accuse Gossip Girl of being The Wire or Mad Men, but if you roll with the fantasy/absurdity, it’s fun to watch, from the infighting to the insane clothes and snappy dialogue.”

Gossip Girl

Writer, Jason Gay on how the cast is responding to life in the spotlight:

Right now, the stars who bring those tart lines to life — Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford, Penn Badgley — somehow haven’t let fame go to their heads, according to Gay. “They’ve all reached the point where they’re in the public eye, but they’re not rolling around in blacked-out SUVs or being chased around like Madonna. A lot of them take the subway and they still complain about the price of rents and monthly car parking,” Gay reveals. “They’re in a nice place in their careers. They’re now recognizable enough to get interest for other things, but not so recognizable that daily life is a drag.”

It’s a fun read, check out the new issue of Rolling Stone for the complete article which is out now. Unfortunately, I actually missed last monday’s new episode. I’ve just been so busy with my crazy life, school, and work, along with COABB. I can’t wait for the next episode though and until Georgina finally re-emerges. Are you still hooked on Gossip? Confess.


P.S Does Jessica not look amazing in that bed shot? Love her “look,” its so exotic. Taylor looks so “edgy” as well.

Gossip GirlGossip Girl

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