Mobile Confession

I‘m currently in a waiting room, for reasons need not to be shared and The Tyra show is on. The episode is focused on this 600 hundred pound woman who was unhappy with her weight, but wait, she’s not happy for the reason we all might think. She expressed that she’s unhappy because she think she’s too small and she wants to weigh 1000lbs. This is not a joke. According to Miss Thang, she loves being big, because she doesn’t like “movement” and she’s fine being really heavy because she likes how it “feels” and doesn’t mind being bed-ridden because again according to her, she just doesn’t like “Moving”

Whoo lord help this poor woman. I’m going to have to give Miss Heavyweight the ultimate side eye for this Miss Piggy type of fuckery. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with people who have curves, but this is not the same. This woman is endangering her health and herself, for the reason being dislike of movement. Shaking my damn head.

Better lose some weight,


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