Snap Judgement | The Pussycat Doll Bubble “Bottle Pops”

The Pussycat Dolls – Bottle Pop

Pussycat DollsThe Pussycat Dolls’ new video for their 4th single “Bottle Pop” off Doll Domination is out. If you haven’t seen it, you haven’t missed much. There’s disappointment all around. First, The video looks bootleg as all hell. That whole giant neon lettering for “Bottle Pop” looked like something directly off of a liqour store. What was the budget here? $1000?? Even the choreography which is probably one of the things PCD is known for was weak, uninspired and tired. Don’t get me wrong I love The Dolls, especially now that the Danity Kane “Dollhouse” has been dismantled, there’s no other female pop group out there thats killing it (and no Girlicious does not count) That’s not even it though, they even rock some real heinous stick-on tattoos…on their face. That’s just Gross & random. The thing is, I know what PCD is trying doing with “Bottle Pop”, they’re trying to recapture what Buttons did for “PCD” but after 3 singles, with 2 singles mediocrely charting at best and one flopping like a fish out of water, are people still checking for Doll Domination? or The Pussycat Dolls for that matter? Is it time to return to the studio or hang up the boa? Confess.

Carry on like nothings wrong,

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