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Damn! Apparently, pandemonium broke out yesterday during an America’s Next Top Model audition in Manhattan. Yes. You heard that right. Pandemonium. I didn’t now know Top Model was still this relevant. Shaking my damn head. Anyways during the tense and barricaded auditions, where thousands of “model” hopefuls slept outside overnight, peed in cups, changed in the street, a person in the huge crowd started yelling, “There’s a bomb!” when a “black BMW with smoke pouring out of its hood pulled up in the street,” near the crowd, which triggered a dangerous stampede of women running for their lives. [NYDN]

We all fell on top of each other,” said Rose, of Scranton, Pa. “People were squished against the wall, screaming, ‘I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!’ “

After the metal Barricade fell down

The girls were running like it was 9/11 part two,” said Jennifer Brown, 27, of Kensington, Brooklyn. “I feared for my life.”

According to The NYDN

In the wake of the stampede, a total of six women were injured & cops arrested three people: Clem Clemmons, 40; Vanessa Quiones, 20, and Michael Edwards, 24. All were charged with inciting a riot. No more women were allowed to audition after the stampede, leaving many diminutive ladies devastated that they missed out on an opportunity to make it big.

Whoo Lord!! This shit right here. All I know is whoever is involved in the whole “Bomb” blurt out causing the hysteria ain’t right. When the rapture comes they’re going to be the first ones to go. On a different note, I can see Tyra now devoting a whole episode to this mess on the Tyra show or using this as a theme for a Top Model photoshoot where the models(who some were probably in that riot) try to look fierce in a riot scene. I wouldn’t put it past her. Anyways, a Black BMW? Hmm.. maybe it was Naomi Campbell and her trouble making ass. I wouldn’t put it past here either

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