Intel | People Who Listen to Beyonce Are “Dumb”

BeyonceDo ya’ll hear and feel that? That’s the sound a hoarde of angry Beyonce stans make after being called “dumb” and “least intelligent” by Virgil Griffith, a PhD student who revealed that music fans who listen to artists such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z are among the least intelligent people around.

According to Griffith, Beyonce stans/listeners rack up ratings lower than the American SAT exam average.
Translation: They’re dumb. [MTMYD]

All those ladies, beezies, heffa’s and some “kidz” in the clubs, waving they fingers in the air, rocking to “Single Ladies” telling their man “If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it,” thinking they gone get a proposal at the club must be pissed! Thank the lord that San Francisco is prepared for earthquakes because the wrath that migrating Beyonce fans will bring to this poor unfortunate soul would be the equivalent of the devastation in the new Terminator Salvation movie.

I can just see Solange now preparing for war, putting warrior paint in her mug, singing her Battle Cry. And Kelly Row, work work working it, crafting bows & arrows and BeyonceMichelle breaking the dawn, trying to make knives out of her unsold cds. All the while Beyonce is preparing to grapple with a bitch, with her robot hand a’la Terminator II: Rise Of The Machines. Whoo, atleast they’re not the dumbest according to the report, that “dubious” honor belongs to Lil Wayne *makes shocked face* Let me just listen to my Diva (Karmatronix Remix) so those Ladies up in here that like to talk back, don’t try to get at me.

I could see your Halo,

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