Ad | A Rufskin Clad Leo

Leo Giamani

Lord have mercy! check out the scorching hot (in more ways than one) new Ad campaign for denim and underwear apparel company, Rufskin. The ads feature a severly and scantily clad model Leo Giamani, catching some rays, legs spread eagle, holding his stick, and just being his generally hot and handsome self. Swoon!
Leo Giamani

I adore this! Where do I begin? Leo looks like a hot ass beast! but he’s too handsome to be called an animal. The styling? it’s simple and minimal but right to the point. The clothes (or lack thereof) is so insanely to my aesthetic. The leather, the jersey fabrics, the underwear. It’s sporty and athletic with a hint of modern day greecian style, with all the shoulder and undewear straps. Seriously, I need to rock all of those, especially that shoulder strap. I can just see myself poolside, in the sidelines (Confession: because I don’t know how to thread water), looking the hotness, rocking that shoulder trap sunning myself.

Anyways, I checked out their website and they have some pretty risque and overtly revealing apparel in that joint like this, this & this (caution these links somewhat contain nudity). What’s funny is I know people who’d wear this, and I don’t know what worse, the fact that I know people who’d rock this ish or that I’d probably rock some of these ish as well. Some one pray for my audacious soul.

Born under the Virgo,

Leo GiamaniLeo Giamani

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