Gay Agenda | Keep Your Head Up!

NickSame Sex Marriage is possible if not now, soon. According to  a new poll Californians would now be evenly divided if the state voted again on the Prop 8 ballot which basically demolished denounced same-sex marriage.

“A Field Poll of 761 registered voters found that 48% of those surveyed would support a new ballot initiative repealing Proposition 8, while 47% would favor keeping the ban in place.

The remaining five percent were undecided. In November a ban of gay marriage was passed with 52% of the vote. The numbers out in today’s poll could figure into the plans of gay rights activists who are considering going back to the ballot box if the California Supreme Court rejects a trio of lawsuits seeking to overturn Proposition 8.”

I’m joyful that more and more people are coming into their senses. However, it’s such a shame this passed in first place & the fact that it passed in California of all places, Home of San Francisco! Father to my Mecca: The Castro  Anyways I’m hoping for the best.

Someday they’ll understand,


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