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My Teen Vogue subscription recently expired. I’ve been so busy these days that I’ve really fallen behind on my “reading.” Which is why, I wasn’t really expecting on renewing my subscription, since I’m not a “teen” anymore anyways. Although, my friend would say were still in our “teens” even though were in our 20’s, she would say things like ‘I’m still in my teens, I’m twenteen‘ No Joke. Anyways, Teen Vogue sent me a letter to remind me to “re-new” and if I did they’ll send me a “Free” Totebag. *Sideeye* I wasn’t really going to, but I actually really liked the last issue, therefore I am now and its only for $6. No Joke. Ain’t the recession grand?

Here’s an editorial they did called “Twilight,” The shoot features girly prom dresses with a street-chic leather jackets, studded belts & suspenders, tough-luxe jewels, and gems, and with rockabilly bouffants.

Teen VogueTeen VogueTeen VogueTeen VogueTeen VogueTeen Vogue

Obviously, some of these looks are a little too over the top and “Vampire-y,” but most of the pieces are pretty stellar. If separated these pieces could make a fine addition to anyone’s closet. Regardless, I need to rock those studded belts and suspenders, the leather jackets especially the studded one. Swoon! I love the liquid leather leggings as well, not on me though but on girls.

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