Eye Candy | Keith’s Sexy Body Language

Keith KirkwoodI have been writing an “Expository” essay all after noon on “The Tragedy Of The Commons” & “Optimum Human Population” for my English Class and it has been kicking my cute little behind. It took me about 4 hours but luckilly I finally finished… 2 body paragraphs. Yes! I feel so accomplished. However, I needed to take a break. I’m exhausted from all that “Intellectuality,” I can only do so much.

Speaking of body paragraphs, heres a body I’d like to “paragraph,” Yum! Check out model, Keith Kirkwood, looking so amazingly delicious and fine, with and without his shirt on. Now this is what I’m talking about! Why couldn’t my professor assign an essay on this??

That face, that bod, and those arms drive me wild!

Tragedy of The Commons, my ass. The only “Tragedy” here is that Keith, wearing my choice accessory for a guy: a baseball hat, is all the way in Los Angeles and I’m in S.F Why lord? Why must doves cry? What do you guys think? Confess.

Talk that sexy talk to me,

One thought on “Eye Candy | Keith’s Sexy Body Language

  1. HI, this IS Keith Kirkwood Thanks for the nice words, but come on lets get some comments n the article lol.
    Thanks again


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