Tour Photos | Britney Dirty Dancing

Britney Spears

Speaking of hats…Here’s the one and only, tousled haired, Britney Spears dressed in a green-khaki, Toy Soldier-esk ensemble with metallic high-heels, on stage during her “CIRCUS” tour. I initially made the conscious decision not to post these to keep the tour as a surprise, to me, as possible when I go to see her with my Bitchy BFF in San Jose. However since I’ve seen most of them, considering they’re everywhere, I decided FUCK IT! Figures it is Britney after all.

Britney SpearsBritney Spears

Now there’s the Britney I love. Scantily clad, pole dancing & gyrating behind bars inside a gold cage. There she goes, that’s how she does it, rockin’ the hell out of that diamond encrusted, Dsquared designed, corset and knee high lace up boots.

The concert which opened in New Orleans, a few days ago, got great rave reviews and opened in front a nearly sold out crowd. Not bad for someone who started 2008 in the Psych Ward. This is going to be the dopest thing ever. I’m so glad she’s back! Don’t leave us again.

Don’t know what I would do without you,

One thought on “Tour Photos | Britney Dirty Dancing

  1. Britney is the best!!!

    Hey… How do you do?

    I’m Andryan from Indonesia… I’m one of Britney’s biggest fans…

    I can’t wait for If U Seek Amy video release… CAN’T WAIT

    P.S.: Hope Britney visit Indonesia… Bali especially…

    Sorry if there any mistakes… You know, I’m Indonesian///

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