Madonna Is Sticky, Sweet & A Sour Puss


Poor Madonna. Apparently, the dusty cooch & the soon to be dethroned Queen of Pop, and her boytoy Jesus has been annoying the fuck out of everybody. First, her ex husband Guy Ritchie apparently refers to the “Material Girl” as “It“. Ouch that’s Harsh! Then, ex boyfriend Jose Conseco spoke with US magazine and criticised M, basically telling them that he doesn’t get why a woman of her age [50] is with a person of Jesus’ age [20’s].

Well, all I have to say to that is “Bitch, Please!” And that goes to both of them for throwing shade at M’s way, especially Jose. Haven’t they heard? “Age is but a number,” although I personally have to draw the line at 34, I am only in my 20’s. Unless the person is Tom Cruise, then all bets are off.


Peep this Page Six Report:

“DON’T play Britney Spears when Madonna is in the house. Lady Madge stopped by Hell’s Kitchen gay bar The Ritz on Monday to attend her trainer Tracy Anderson’s birthday party when the DJ threw on a Spears track. “She flipped out, stormed upstairs, and spent the rest of the night aggressively making out with Jesus [Luz, her new boy toy],” says a spy. Madge and Luz later slipped out the back door and into an idling SUV.”


Damn! all of this fuckery must be taking its toll on her. They got Madge hating on the club & lashing out on her one time BFF & current protégé Britney herself. Why Lord? The DJ must have played “Me Against The Music,” the original cut without M. That’s the only reason I could think of, for this heffa to be stormin out and acting a fool like that.

Confessing on the dancefloor,

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