Snap Judgement | Confessions on “Chun-Li”

kristin kreuk

The Good: Lead Kristin Kreuk, who’s always pleasant to see, carries “Chun-Li” well enough and the same with Neal McDonough who pulls of “Bison“. The action sequences are also well done but nothing noteworthy.

The Bad: The plot tries to mimic “Batman Begins” but fails terribly. The locales used in the film look generic, low-budget, and boring. “The Slums” look like ACTUAL slums as opposed to Hollywood/Movie slums where even though it’s supposed to be “impoverished” there’s still some intrigue. Kristin never dons her trademark outfit, and only wears something remotely similar to it in one scene sans spiked bracelets. Inclusion of powers seem out of place and unecessary, even if it did exist in the games.

kristin kreuk

The Verdict: Terrible movie only slightly better than the first Street Fighter. Looked promising in the beginning but rapidly deteriorated as the movie went on. Unlikeable cast, with the exceptions of Kristin and Neal. Overall a missable movie.  Pass.

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