Confessions | The “Circus” Is Coming To New Orleans

Britney Spears

The Circus It’s almost here.  People Magazine posted an article on Brit called “Britney Heads to Big Easy for High-Stakes Comeback”  about “The Circus: Starring Britney Spears” Tour which kicks off in a few days in New Orleans. It’s a lenghty read & it’s somewhat interesting…

” The elaborate costumes are packed. The 16 semis filled with magic props and big-top sets are on the road. When Britney Spears  takes the stage at the New Orleans Arena on March 3 – the opening night of her Circus tour – the stakes will never be higher. After more than two years of personal drama, the tour will either make or break the professional comeback she began last fall.”

– People

Peep what Gary Bongiovanni, editor-in-chief of the concert trade magazine Pollstar confessed to People:

“I’ve got to believe she’s ready and will do a professional show, If she doesn’t, it’s over.”

Britney Spears

On the tour’s ticket sales:

“In general, the tickets have sold very well. Some shows are already sold out, obviously, it means there is significant fan interest in seeing her do her live show. That fact that she’s been off the scene for a while helps with the pent-up demand.”

On Britney’s readiness:

“Having the boys with her is going to make all the difference, They are the reason she can do this.”

Everything seems like they are on the right track. That’s great to hear! considering how MUCH I shelled out for this. So #1 Hit album, Check. 1# Hit Singles, Check. Healthy Sales of The Tour, Check. Freedom from the conservatorship, Check. Visitation from the boys during the tour, Check.


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