Intel | Urban Outfitters Doesn’t Have The Gay Community’s Back

Urban Outfitters

[photo: Urban Outfitters’ Contrast Nylon Jacket in “Rainbow”]

Not to be too dramatic, but I’m  terribly upset, like Anne Hathaway not winning The Oscar,  that  1 of my favorite stores, which I  frequent quite OFTEN, made the top 10 list, compiled by Queerty, of companies that hate the gays.  What a Shame!

“As we were putting this list together, we knew Urban Outfitters, whose chairman, Richard Hayne, regularly supports anti-gay legislation and GOP candidates who vote against gay rights, was going to be on the list. In November, the company quickly removed t-shirts supporting gay marriage from their stores. However, one small glimmer of change occurred last week when the store announced that the t-shirts were back and that 100 percent of its “Marriage Equality” t-shirt sales are going to Equality California and National Center for Lesbian Rights, both major players in the upcoming Supreme Court hearing in California.

How They’re Faring:Urban Outfitters has lost more than 50% of its stock value this year, trading now at just over $16.

What You Can Do: A boycott against Urban Outfitters has been going on for years, but the recent t-shirt decision gives gays and lesbians the opportunity to use the carrot as well as the stick. Write to Urban Outfitters and thank them for their decision to support gay rights organizations.”

Honestly, I’m torn. I continually find the dopest clothes here ever yet the very same company, where I spend my hard earned dollars, use my money to fund  and support projects that discriminate or is against my lifestyle. And to think I was about to buy the BDG Sundial Dobby Military Chino Shorts in black. How could this happen? Why would this happen??  Why lord?! Shaking My Damn Head

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