Confessions | Life’s Little Dilemnas: Is Something “Bugging” You?

Oh lord! I found this while I was at work, not working, and just hit the floor and passed away from the fuckery. A reader sent this gem of a dilemna to Unzipped.Net’s advice column. Peep what he had to say.

Dear D**k,

My boyfriend recently got crabs from having sex with one of his f*** buddies. We have an open relationship, so the sex he had isn’t the problem. The problem is that my boyfriend is very, very hairy. He’s bearded and has a hairy chest, arms, legs, a** and back. The crabs keep coming back no matter how much of the medicine he uses. I don’t have them yet, but I’m worried I’ll eventually get them unless he goes through that most drastic step: shaving everything off and starting over. He refuses to even consider this option. What do I do?

Smooth and Scared of Bugs”

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