Oh, She’s Just Being “Miley”

Miley Cyrus

[photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]

What in Avant Garde feather-duster hell is Miley Cyrus wearing? Why does her Zuhair Murad designed dress resemble an avalanche? Someone should have told this chick that this is The Oscars, not some Igloo Benefit somewhere in Nepal. A for effort girl! but you a GREAT big mess!

One thought on “Oh, She’s Just Being “Miley”

  1. I dunno what the hell your moaning about. she looks gorgeous, the dress really suits her. Yes its probably not made for a 16 year old and would suit somebody more the age of 30, but damn, it looks gorgeous.

    People like you clearly have no life of your own so you spend time slagging other people off.

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