Gossip Girl Is A Tease!

Gossip Girl Teaser Poster

[photo: TheCW]

OMFG! (well not really) Here’s the new teaser poster for an upcoming episode of GG. Well…all I have to say is what in the name of Henri Bendel is going in the world of these Upper East Side teens? I don’t know how caught up I am with GG but this poster makes it seem like I’ve missed quite a few episodes…Is there going to be another rift between these 2 BFFS? “B” & “S” from Friends to Enemies…Frenemies, yet again? This is on another level. Can’t wait to see what unfolds.

P.S. I’m still waiting for Georgina…When is my homegirl going to grace us with her bad-ass ness? GG is not the same without you. Don’t keep me waiting

You know you love me,
Bad Boy

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