Posh’s Fall ’09 Collection Is “Mayjah”

VB Fall '09 Collection

[photo: Victoria Beckham

Automaton Fashion Icon Victoria Beckham revealed her Fall ’09 Collection for Fashion Week. As expected It’s full of mono-chromatic dresses, and single toned pieces, basically it’s signature Posh-style. Honestly, there’s nothing cutting edge here, nothing revolutionary & there’s really nothing new, regardless though her collection is simple, beautiful, and well made…which it should be considering how much she’s charging for them. Girl, We in a Recession atleast take a couple thou off the pricetag. Shaking my damn head. Anyways, I’m loving the studded belt effect which gives some of the borderline conservative dresses a much needed “edge”. Overall It’s very sexy, bold, severe, and sophisticated. It’s a cross between a “Sexy Secretary” and “New York City Heiress” and that should cater some women out there.

P.S almost one year later…The “Sex & The City” inspired Edgy studded belt over very feminine dresses is still prevalent in fashion…it just goes to show how ahead of the curve Pat Field is.

VB Fall '09 CollectionVB Fall '09 CollectionVB Fall '09 CollectionVB Fall '09 Collection

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